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Mental Health First Aid | Suicide First Aid | Workplace Wellbeing

Welcome to Blooming Mind– Building Resilient Workplaces for a Mentally Healthy Future! 

Welcome to Blooming Mind – Building Resilient Workplaces for a Mentally Healthy Future!

In today's dynamic world, mental health and wellbeing are paramount. With limited resources and extended waiting times, getting timely support can be daunting, potentially leading to deteriorating mental health or even suicide. The workplace becomes a pivotal environment where mental health challenges often arise, highlighting the importance for employers to equip their teams with crucial skills and understanding.

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At Blooming Mind, Our Mission:
We aim to transform workplaces into nurturing environments that champion mental health and wellbeing. Together, we can create a lasting positive change. 

Our Approach: Empowering Workplaces & Fostering Resilience

We provide tailored, bespoke and accredited mental health training options. Mental Health First Aid and Suicide First Aid courses, bespoke design pieces along with our comprehensive Workplace Wellbeing programmes. Each offering is meticulously crafted to fit the needs of your workplace. To bolster mental resilience and cultivate a culture of wellbeing.

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Our holistic training packages empower participants to:

  • Cultivate inner resilience to navigate life's challenges.

  • Identify early indicators of deteriorating mental health.

  • Prevent escalation through timely and proactive measures.

  • Respond adeptly in crisis scenarios using de-escalation strategies and active listening.

Challenging Stigma, Supporting Communities

We're passionate about dismantling barriers and confronting the stigma surrounding mental illness. Our vision complements the initiatives of the NHS and secondary health services by fostering mentally healthy workplaces and communities. In doing so, we play a role in suicide prevention and elevate the quality of life for individuals everywhere .

Join us in our commitment to building resilient workplaces and a mentally healthy future. Explore our training programmes and be part of the change!

"I was introduced to Holly while completing my MHFA qualification and was blown away by her honest, relatable and professional approach. Holly is passionate about what she delivers and has extensive knowledge to back it up. She has supported my business with a host of MH training and the feedback from our employees has always been outstanding. Mental Health can often be overwhelming and has a sense of vulnerability to it. Through her delivery, Holly ensures participants feel safe and secure. She is my go-to for MH training and would 100% recommend her if you are looking to educate, facilitate or develop a positive MH culture in the workplace."

C Kenny | HR Business Partner | Allied Bakeries

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