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Stress Management

Managing your Stress Effectivelty

Course Aim

Stress can impact every aspect of our life.

This includes our productivity, ability to problem solve, happiness, emotional and physical wellbeing, relationships, and more. Therefore, learning stress management techniques is fundamental to protecting our mental health and wellbeing.

This 3 hour course will give participants an understanding of the physiology of stress, alongside teaching practical stress management techniques which will help to manage the stress in our lives.

Impact of Training

Participants will leave feeling empowered to make the first steps in addressing the stress in their lives. Enabling them to become more effective in managing personal scenarios when they are under pressure and how to manage the work/life balance.

These skills can be utilised in professional and personal lives and lead to participants feeling more in control and knowledgable about ways in which they can manage their stress levels.

Course Content

  • Learn the physiology of stress

  • Understand what causes stress & recognise the signs

  • Stop the cycle of stress

  • Effective strategies to release stress

  • Find out how to release muscle tension

  • Design a personal plan for making lasting change


  • This can be delivered face to face or virtually

  • 3 hours delivery

  • The session is delivered through a series of exercises, discussions and activities

  • The maximum number on this course is 12, to ensure the trainer can provide a more personalised experience for the participants


  • All participants who complete the course will receive a certificate of attendance

  • A comprehensive workbook with further reading, tools and techniques


In house courses are priced at £400 per session for up to 12 people.

"Holly delivers excellent, inspiring sessions consistently everytime we book her to come and deliver to our staff. The team talk about the training for weeks after and we see a real impact in the training."

Liverpool Housing Association 


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