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Course Aim

Suicide First Aid Logo

Suicide First Aid Understanding Suicide Intervention, is the UK’s National Accredited Unit of Learning at level 4 in Suicide Prevention.


Empower your organisation to support your wider wellbeing approach by training your employees in Suicide First Aid.

This one-day course is ideal for employees who seek greater understanding and confidence to intervene with people at risk of suicide, and to help create suicide- safety as a first aid approach in the workplace. 

This course can support People Managers, HR and Wellbeing teams, and Employee Advisors. 

It is also ideal for supporting those who have already completed a Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) England course and can support and enhance the already valuable skills of MHFAiders® and Wellbeing Champions in supporting individuals in crisis.

Impact of Training

SFA: Suicide First Aid training is underpinned by three core beliefs:

  • Most people thinking about suicide do not want their lives to end, they want the pain to stop

  • Most people thinking about suicide let others know, consciously or unconsciously. Therefore...

  • Suicide has to be one of the most preventable deaths.

Learners will gain: 

  • Knowledge to spot the signs of someone who may be thinking about suicide​ 

  • Confidence to intervene and help create a suicide-safety plan as a first aid approach​ 

  • Skills to offer support to someone in distress or who may be experiencing suicide thoughts​ 

  • Knowledge of helpful and destigmatising language when talking about suicide 

  • A deep understanding of how you would have a supportive conversation with someone who needs to stay safe from suicide​ 

  • An understanding of factors that contribute to suicide thoughts

Course Content

Session One:

  • Introduction: Ourselves and suicide prevention ​ 

  • Stigma, survivors of bereavement by suicide and the hidden toll​ 

  • Suicide – the ripple effect​ 

  • Intention of behaviour vs outcome of behaviour ​ 

  • Possible causes of suicide thoughts and suicide behaviour​ 

Session Two:

  • Population-based approach to suicide prevention ​ 

  • Partnership working​ 

  • “I’m so glad you told me”  

Session Three:

  • Meeting the needs of a person who is thinking about suicide ​ 

  • Suicide-safety guide​ 

  • Recognising suicide and asking about suicide​ 

  • Listening and understanding options ​ 

Session Four:

  • Suicide-safety guide cont.​ 

  • Coping plan ​ 

  • Suicide-safety and self-care​ 

  • Future learning ​ 


A unique learning experience, suitable for anyone who seeks greater understanding and confidence to intervene with people at risk of suicide.

This can be delivered face to face or virtually.


  • Delivered as one day training programme.

  • Physical course materials provided.

  • Taught using tutor facilitated Socratic learning, tutor-led role-play, mini lectures, group work exercises and audiovisual presentations.

  • This is a highly interactive and emotionally engaging learning experience

  • We limit numbers to 16 people per course so that the instructor can keep people safe and supported while they learn 


  • Online course structured across four sessions. Each session is 1hr 30min, with intermittent breaks throughout

  • All course materials are digital

  • Learning takes place through an instructor-led live session with group activities and discussions

  • This is a highly interactive and emotionally engaging learning experience

  • We limit numbers to 16 people per course so that the instructor can keep people safe and supported while they learn 

Accreditation (Optional)

The course has been accredited by City & Guilds of London.
Participants will gain 6 NQF credit points at Level 4 by completing
a workbook of tasks that are assessed against the set learning outcomes.

There is an additional charge for this made directly to City & Guilds.

City & Guilds Accredited programme logo


Everyone who completes the course gets:

  • A certificate of attendance to say you are a Suicide First Aider

  • A workbook to refer to whenever you need it (For virtual deliveries this is an online workbook)

  • Self care resources


The NCSPET value this course at £150 per person.

In-house courses are priced at £1800 for a maximum of 16 participants.

We offer subsidised rates for third sector organisations. Please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss further.


"Holly is a fantastic tutor and has a great way of making you feel comfortable. She is energetic even about a serious and sad subject. She is able to hold the attention of the room, even when we are not all in the same room, and that is hard to do. She makes feel people feel like their opinions matter."

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