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Holly Clark

Holly Clark

Founder & Trainer

I want to live in a world where people are able to access the support they need at a time they need it.

Without barriers and without shame.

The loss of my brother to suicide was a moment that changed my life forever. How could someone so full of life and joy feel like there was no other option? It made me realise that suicide is never too far away for anyone, and that the general population often doesn't know what to look for or how to engage.

But his loss also gave me a mission to make a difference. I dove into learning as much as I could about mental health and suicide prevention, earning a BSc in Psychology and dedicating 12 years to education. Now, I'm proud to deliver courses that I wholeheartedly believe can make a real difference: Mental Health First Aid and Suicide First Aid.

I am a passionate educator who believes that learning should be inspiring, engaging, and memorable. These courses give individuals the skills and confidence to recognise the signs of poor mental health and approach those struggling with compassion and understanding.


They offer hope when it's needed the most.

I know firsthand the cost of not taking action. Hindsight is a cruel thing, but with it comes a relentless passion to pursue change. That's why I'm grateful for the opportunity to use my skills to educate others and inspire change. 

When I'm not trying to make our communities and workplaces safer, healthier places, I love spending time with my family, going on adventures, and serving as a Safeguarding Governor for a local primary school.

I am a licensed Mental Health First Aid and Suicide First Aid instructor, and I'm committed to making a positive difference in the world.


BSc with hons Psychology (University of Surrey, Roehampton. 2006)

PGCE Secondary Mathematics (Liverpool John Moores University. 2008)

Licensed Mental Health First Aid Instructor (MHFA England, 2019)

Licensed Suicide First Aid Instructor (City & Guilds, 2021)

Badge to show Holly Clark is accredited by City and Guilds as a Suicide First Aid Tutor.
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