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Mental Wealth

in the Workplace

Course Aim

The objective of Mental Wealth in the Workplace is to fundamentally transform organisational perspectives on employee wellbeing through a comprehensive, 12-month program.

Covering essential topics such as physical and mental health, work-life balance, stress management, and employee engagement, this innovative course strives to cultivate a holistic wellbeing culture within businesses.

Participants can expect to foster a healthier, happier, and more productive work environment, which will ultimately enhance job satisfaction, talent retention, and workforce resilience. By redefining the modern work experience, Mental Wealth in the Workplace paves the way for a new era of thriving, sustainable, and supportive professional ecosystems.

Impact of Training

The impact of Mental Wealth in the Workplace training is multifaceted, providing both immediate and long-term benefits to organisations and their employees. By addressing critical aspects of employee wellbeing, such as mental and physical health, work-life balance, and stress management, the training leads to increased productivity, job satisfaction, and talent retention.


A healthier, happier, and more engaged workforce is not only more resilient in the face of challenges and change, but also contributes positively to the overall organisational culture, fostering a supportive and inclusive environment that promotes collaboration and trust among team members.

In addition to these direct benefits, the training also has a ripple effect on an organisation's reputation. By prioritising employee wellbeing, companies become more attractive to potential talent, helping to build a strong reputation as an employer of choice. This, in turn, can lead to better recruitment outcomes, further enhancing the quality and success of the workforce.


Ultimately, Mental Wealth in the Workplace training has the potential to transform not only individual employees but also the organisation as a whole, paving the way for a more successful, sustainable, and thriving workplace.

Course Content

We customise our workshops to match the specific needs and areas of interest of your organisation.

As an illustration, see below sample programme:

  • Demystifying Mental Health: An Introduction to Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace

  • Taming Tension: Understanding our Stress

  • The Power of Presence: An Introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation

  • Bouncing Back: Developing Resilience for Mental Health

  • Embracing Neurodiversity and Creating Inclusive Workspaces

  • Breaking the Stigma: Understanding and Supporting Mental Health in the Workplace

  • The Science of Happiness: Gratitude, Positivity, and Wellbeing in the Workplace

  • The Complex Connection: Understanding Substance Use and Mental Health

  • Rest for Success: The Science of Sleep and Recovery

  • Life-Saving Conversations: Suicide Prevention

  • Taking Care: Developing Effective Coping Strategies and Self-care Practices


  • Our delivery method is tailored to your organisation's preferences, whether this is online, face-to-face, or a combination of both.

  • We provide you with the flexibility to shape the structure of the programme according to your organisations needs.


To receive a consultation and a personalised quote, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We look forward to the opportunity to discuss you organisational needs and provide you with tailored solutions.

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