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Creating Mentally Healthy Workplaces: A Comprehensive Guide for Managers

Hello, team leaders, supervisors, and managers, are you aware of your pivotal role in fostering a mentally healthy work environment?

Your leadership can spark positive transformation, enhance wellbeing, and boost productivity. Interested in learning how? Read on.

Mind's recent survey revealed that 56% of employers wish to improve staff wellbeing but lack the necessary tools or guidance. As the awareness around mental health increases globally, it becomes crucial to arm our managers with the resources to induce a positive change.

Envision a work environment where each employee feels secure, backed, and motivated. It's not an unreachable goal—this can come to fruition with the right strategies, assets, and a company wide understanding of mental health.

Success Story: Cobalt Housing

Across sectors, numerous companies are reaping the benefits of fostering a mentally healthy workplace. Such organisations have infused mental health skills training into their managerial roles, leading to elevated employee satisfaction, decreased absenteeism, and reduced turnover rates.

Take Cobalt Housing, for instance. They trained 44 managers using Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) skills across their company and discovered immense benefits. Here's Marie McCormack, Human Resources at Cobalt Housing, sharing her experience:

"44 of our managers were trained in MHFA skills across our company by Holly. The training was also updated later with COVID-specific examples which was greatly beneficial. Holly's professional approach, coupled with her personal experiences, was just what we needed. Apart from training most of our community anchors (which received excellent feedback), Holly became an integral part of our community and the Cobalt family. Her services are highly recommended to businesses of all sizes."

This success story is not an isolated one. Many other organisations have witnessed similar positive impacts, emphasising the significant value of investing in managers' mental health skills.

Test Your Understanding

Ready for a quick evaluation of your knowledge about mental health in the workplace? Let's dive into a short quiz.

How did you do?

Regardless of your quiz performance, the key question is:

Are you well-equipped to foster a mentally healthy workplace?

If you think there's room for growth, consider the following.Whether you aced the quiz or found areas for improvement, consider this:

Are you equipped to create a mentally healthy workplace?

If you feel there's more you can do, there's lots to consider.

Here are five actionable tips you can start implementing right away:

  1. Regularly check-in with your team members.

  2. Encourage work-life balance within your team.

  3. Offer flexible working hours when possible.

  4. Promote open conversations about mental health.

  5. Provide resources for employees struggling with mental health issues.

What next?

If you're prepared to delve deeper, consider the MHFA or Mental Health Skills for Managers course. These comprehensive programmes equip you with a profound understanding of mental health issues, effective strategies, and the confidence to make a real difference in your workplace.

Investing in mental health skills training is an investment in your team's wellbeing and your organisation's success.

Remember, as a manager, your role can be the catalyst for change. Your commitment to creating a mentally healthy workplace can bring about a transformative impact, not just on your team, but on your entire organisation.

Are you ready to lead that change?

Ready to make a difference? Arrange a call today.

Reach out to arrange a call or a visit to discuss the unique needs of your organisation.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you,

Best wishes,


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